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Book Review: ‘Swallowing the Sun’ by Lakshmi Murdeshwar Puri

"Swallowing the Sun" is a compelling story that draws readers into its vividly envisioned universe. Puri's skillful world-building and engaging writing make it a captivating read that leaves readers wanting more.

Book Review: ‘Where God Began’ by Appadurai Muttulingam and Kavitha Muralidharan

"Where God Began" is a moving tribute to the tenacious human spirit and the worldwide need for a place to call home.

Book Review: ‘The Vulnerables’ by Sigrid Nunez

Reading "The Vulnerables" feels like catching up with an intriguing friend, and listening to mesmerizing stories of life during the pandemic.

Book Review: ‘The Greatest Malayalam Stories Ever Told’ by A. J....

“The Greatest Malayalam Stories Ever Told” thus stands as a testament to the enduring and evolving nature of Malayali narratives down the ages.

Book Review: ‘Study for Obedience’ by Sarah Bernstein (Shortlisted for The...

"Study for Obedience" is a thought-provoking and complex novel that does not provide easy answers. It invites readers to grapple with intricate human relationships, particularly those shaped by trauma and violence, and forces contemplation on the enduring consequences of historical atrocities.

Book Review: ‘Mother-Daughter Murder Night’ by Nina Simon

"Mother-Daughter Murder Night" falls short of delivering on its promises of a compelling mystery and strong family dynamics. The novel relies on familiar tropes and lacks the originality and depth necessary to make it stand out in the genre.