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Book Review: ‘Red River’ by Somnath Batabyal

Somnath Batabyal's "Red River" is a moving and captivating story of three boys growing up in Assam during the chaotic early militant years.

Book Review: ‘Chronicle of an Hour and a Half’ by Saharu...

"Chronicle of an Hour and a Half" by Kannanari is a disturbing critique of mob mentality and the loss of human autonomy in a mass frenzy. The novel explores the frailty of morality and the ease with which ordinary people may become violent.

Book Review: ‘Unequal’ by Swati Narayan

In her book "Unequal: Why India Lags Behind Its Neighbours," professor and activist Swati Narayan claims that India is plagued by "systemic and, at times, barbaric inequalities."

In Conversation With Siddhartha Deb, Author of ‘Light at the End...

Siddhartha Deb, born in northeastern India and now residing in Harlem, New York, is an accomplished author.

10 Books to Read this Independence Day (2023)

We have curated a list of 10 books to read to celebrate 76 glorious years of Independence in August 2023. Which of these would you like to read?

Book Review: ‘The Light at the End of the World’ by...

"The Light at the End of the World" is an innovative and thought-provoking novel that will appeal to those wanting a thorough and immersive investigation of India's past, present, and future.