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Book Review: ‘Landscapes of Wilderness’ by Narendra

Narendra's "Landscapes of Wilderness" explores the complex link between nature and humanity, showing how they both influence and are influenced by one another.

Book Review: ‘Survival at Stake’ by Poorva Joshipura

In "Survival at Stake," Poorva Joshipura, a practicing psychologist and the force behind PETA, delivers a powerful call to action that urges readers to confront the intrinsic connection between human and animal well-being.

Book Review: ‘The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook’ by Arina Suchde

"The No-Waste Kitchen Cookbook: 75 Recipes to Begin Your Zero-Waste Journey" by Arina Suchde is a culinary revelation, offering 75 innovative recipes that transform kitchen scraps into delectable dishes and cocktails.

Book Review: ‘People First’ by G. Mathi Vathanan

Mathi Vathanan's book "People First: How Odisha’s Drink from Tap Mission Quenched Every Thirst" is a riveting account of his experiences and contributions to the transformation of Odisha's water supply.