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Book Review: ‘Provincials’ by Sumana Roy

Sumana Roy embarks on a subversive examination of provincial life in "Provincials: Postcards from the Peripheries," bringing together the tales of a varied range of individuals to question the dominance of metropolis narratives.

Book Review: ‘H-Pop’ by Kunal Purohit

Kunal Purohit, an award-winning independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, and podcast creator, delves into the unsettling world of Hindutva Pop, or H-Pop, in his thought-provoking investigative book, "H-Pop: The Secretive World of Hindutva Pop Stars."

Book Review: ‘Opinions’ by Roxane Gay

Beyond feminism and race, "Opinions" explores Roxane Gay's journey with sexuality, from coming out as a lesbian to identifying as bisexual.

Book Review: ‘Survival at Stake’ by Poorva Joshipura

In "Survival at Stake," Poorva Joshipura, a practicing psychologist and the force behind PETA, delivers a powerful call to action that urges readers to confront the intrinsic connection between human and animal well-being.

Book Review: ‘That Beautiful Elsewhere’ by Scherezade Siobhan

“That Beautiful Elsewhere: Journeys in Mental Health,” a departure from her previous works, stands as a testament to Scherezade Siobhan's capacity for reinvention and her ability to tackle a volatile subject like mental health with courage and self-belief.