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Book Review: What’s Within You: Your Roadmap to Living Life With...

What's Within You: Your Roadmap to Living Life With No Barriers is a book that is much more than a typical self-help book. The book has accounts of personal stories of so many famous personalities who are philosophers, leaders, sportsmen, or people from other disciplines.

How your money can be your way to your financial freedom

Financial freedom is inherently dependent on only one factor: the direction in which you are heading. Every wrong decision will put you off track and every wise decision will bring you closer to your financial independence.

Killing Ashish Karve

The narration of Killing Ashish Karve is done in a good way and it could be more interesting and enthusiastic.

3 and a Half Murders

A thrilling storyline filled with suspense and drama. The book 3 and a Half Murders is apt for readers who are interested in murder mysteries.

Anon. by Bhavani Iyer

The book Anon. by Bhavani Iyer starts with an introduction of two young lads who come from different lifestyles, economical and cultural backgrounds.

The Shiva Sutras

One important message of The Shiva Sutras is that it is our identification with our body that causes our suffering and our bondage.