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Book Review: ‘The Sattvik Kitchen’ by Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

In the pages of "The Sattvik Kitchen: The Art and Science of Healthy Living," Dr. Hansaji Yogendra addresses the prevalent issue of nutritional deficiencies in the modern diet by offering a transformative approach based on Ayurvedic and Vedic principles.

Book Review: ‘The India Cookbook: From the Tables of My Friends’...

"The India Cookbook" features recipes from a plethora of renowned personalities, including Vinod and Chinna Dua, Shabana Azmi, Shashi Tharoor, and many more.

Book Review: ‘Mrs. K.M. Mathew’s Finest Recipes’ by K.M. Mathew

"Mrs. K.M. Mathew's Finest Recipes," released by Penguin Random House in India, is a unique compilation that exhibits the renowned Mrs. K.M. Mathew's culinary talent.

Book Review: ‘Insatiable’ by Shobhaa Dé

"Insatiable" by Shobha De is more than simply a simple, delightful read; it gives a powerful account of De's life. It creates a compelling story that keeps readers interested by acknowledging both the highs and lows.

Food: A Delectable Form of Expression

Food is an expression, a strong adhesive for binding families, a great excuse for forging bonds, and a symbolic identity of a culture. Food...

Mighty Foods: Understanding How We Are Witnessing A Massive Change In...

‘I’m on a ketogenic diet’. ‘I eat non-veg but not red meat’. ‘I am vegetarian but I eat eggs’. We all may have heard...