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Book Review: ‘The Vulnerables’ by Sigrid Nunez

Reading "The Vulnerables" feels like catching up with an intriguing friend, and listening to mesmerizing stories of life during the pandemic.

Book Review: ‘How to Be the Love You Seek’ by Dr....

"How to Be the Love You Seek" emerges as a guiding light for those on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Dr. LePera's insights and empowering guidance showcase the transformative power of love, both for oneself and in relationships.

Book Review: ‘The Fall: The End of the Murdoch Empire’ by...

In conclusion, "The Fall: The End of the Murdoch Empire" is an interesting, albeit sordid, look behind the scenes at Fox News and the Murdoch Empire.

Book Review: ‘The Art of Explanation’ by Ros Atkins

In "The Art of Explanation," Ros Atkins, a seasoned journalist, shares his expertise in the crucial skill of explaining complex ideas with efficiency and clarity.

Book Review: ‘Isaac and the Egg’ by Bobby Palmer

"Isaac and the Egg" is a nuanced exploration of grief, blending magic realism with poignant storytelling. Palmer's narrative skillfully captures the complexities of loss, offering a mix of laughter and tears through Isaac's journey with his otherworldly companion.

Book Review: ‘Emperor of Rome’ by Mary Beard

"Emperor of Rome" embarks on a thrilling and enlightening journey into the annals of the ancient world, presenting readers with a novel perspective on the intricacies of Roman emperors.