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Book Review: ’50 Captivating Lives’ by H. D. Sharma

50 Captivating Lives by H.D. Sharma is an excellent anthology that goes beyond the well-known, captivating lives of those who shaped and transformed India.

Book Review: ‘Courting Hindustan’ by Madhur Gupta

Courting Hindustan by Madhur Gupta, is a well-researched, exquisitely created depiction of some of the most attractive female individuals involved in traditional Indian entertainment arts.

Book Review: ‘Coorg Stories and Essays’ by C.P. Belliappa

The book "Coorg Stories and Essays" by C.P. Belliappa offers a unique perspective on life and culture in Coorg, a region in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Book Review: ‘The Begum and the Dastan’ by Tarana Husain Khan

This is a novel of parallels, with three stories that attempt to give significance to the primary narrative, which has all the components of a historical pot-boiler.

Book Review: ‘Migrants: The Story of Us All’ by Sam Miller

"Migrants: The Story of Us All," by Sam Miller, offers a different perspective of the world in which migration is restored to the core of the human story.

Book Review: ‘Dead Poets Society’ by N.H. Kleinbaum

"Dead Poets Society" is a novel by N.H. Kleinbaum, which was adapted into an Academy Award-winning film of the same name.