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Book Review: ‘Tales of Horror’ by Nikesh Murali

"Tales of Horror" challenges characters to confront their inner demons and grapple with existential and philosophical questions, making it a must-read for those seeking a nuanced and impactful horror experience.

Book Review: ‘The Zamindar’s Ghost’ by Khayaal Patel

"The Zamindar's Ghost" is a fusion of genres, pulsating with an irresistible air of intrigue. Patel's narrative, though not without flaws, presents an extraordinary tale for enthusiasts of crime fiction, offering a fresh perspective.

9 Horror Books to Read in July 2023 that Will Give...

We bring you a curated list of 9 Horror Books to read this July 2023 that will definitely give you sleepless nights.

9 Horror Books to Read in June 2023 to Give You...

We have curated a list of 9 Horror Books for you to read in June 2023

Horror is Connected with Blood, Brutality, and a Haunted Past –...

We got a chance to have a candid conversation with the author of 'Haunted Places of India,' Riksundar Banerjee.

Book Review: ‘Cursed Bunny’ by Bora Chung

Book Title: Cursed BunnyAuthor: Bora ChungTranslated By: Anton Hur Publisher: Hachette India Book Review"Cursed Bunny" by Bora Chung is a collection of stories ranging...