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Book Review: ‘Northeast India’ by Samrat Choudhury

The book "Northeast India: A Political History" occasionally becomes repetitive when narrating how each state merged with the Indian state, as a result of the British colonial era.

Book Review: ‘Azadi’ by Chaman Nahal

Chaman Nahal's “Azadi” depicts a tragic incident in 1947, immediately after India's independence, which is remembered as a red letter day.

Book Review: ‘A Lost People’s Archive’ by Rimli Sengupta

"A Lost People's Archive" by Rimli Sengupta is a strange and moving story about two childhood friends, Shishu and Noni, set against the backdrop of pre-independence India, Partition, and refugee-enhanced migration.

Book Review: ‘India in the Age of Ideas’ by Sanjeev Sanyal

"India in the Age of Ideas: Select Writings 2006-2018" is a captivating and thought-provoking book that provides readers with valuable perspectives on India's past, present, and future.

Book Review: ‘The Indian Book of Big Ideas’ by Mukunda Rao

"The Indian Book of Big Ideas" offers a treasure trove of intellectual insights and wisdom from the most eminent thinkers in Indian history.

9 Must Read Books about Kargil War

As we celebrate the Kargil Vijay Diwas today (July 26, 2023), we share a list of 9 Must Read Books about Kargil War.