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Book Review: India, Bharat and Pakistan by J Sai Deepak

The book India, Bharat and Pakistan by J Sai Deepak tries to debunk the concept of two nation theory as a 19th-century phenomenon & in the process identifies Syed Ahmed Khan as a small part of the larger seminary that actually started to proliferate two centuries before his birth.

The Changing Shades of Indian Culture in the Last 75 Years

I have seen almost 50 springs in Bharat, my Desh. When Nehruji addressed the nation for the first time as a prime minister, he said...

Understanding Women’s Health Issues in India

Women comprise 48% of the Indian population and yet they are highly neglected. In this article we discuss Women's Health Issues in India. They...

The Play of Hope & Despair

I don’t usually give in to despair. I take pride in being an out and out optimist who bounces back in no time from...

Kolkata Diaries

In this hectic life, you look for a serene place where you can get solace. At times, our mind clogs facing the irritation of...