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Book Review: ‘Being Muslim in Hindu India’ by Ziya Us Salam

In conclusion, "Being Muslim in Hindu India" is not only an informative read but also a call to action for a more inclusive and empathetic society, showcasing Salam's distinctive blend of passion and factual depth.

Book Review: ‘The Indentured and Their Route’ by Bhaswati Mukherjee

"The Indentured and Their Route" is a valuable contribution to the field of Indian diaspora studies and the understanding of the global history of labour migration and human rights.

Book Review: ‘Heroines of History’ by Nikita Puri

“Heroines of History: Stories of India's Princesses” is an informative and inspiring book that pays tribute to the women who have impacted India's history and culture.

Book Review: ‘Sido Kanhu’ by Tuhin A. Sinha and Clark Prasad

"Sido Kanhu: The Santhal Hul, Bharat's First War of Independence" is essential reading for those captivated by India's history and its battle for emancipation.

Book Review: ‘The Economy of the Maratha Kingdom’ by Kedar M....

"The Economy of The Maratha Kingdom" by historian Kedar M. Phalke is an essential read for historians and enthusiasts of economics alike.

Book Review: ‘Lost Islamic History’ by Firas Alkhateeb

”Lost Islamic History" is an engaging and fascinating work that delves into the complexities of Muslim history.