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Book Review: ‘Set Boundaries, Find Peace’ by Nedra Glover Tawwab

"Set Boundaries, Find Peace" is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to establish healthy boundaries in their relationships and reclaim their personal autonomy.

Book Review: ‘Awaken Your Genius’ by Ozan Varol

"Awaken Your Genius" is a captivating read that challenges readers to push beyond conventional boundaries and surpass their limits. This is a practical book for impractical people.

Book Review: ‘Impactful Data Visualization’ by Kavitha Ranganathan

This stunning 196-page book, "Impactful Data Visualization: Hide and Seek with Graphs" talks about the types and techniques of how the available data can be projected to the world in innumerable ways that are proven and available in the market.

Book Review: ‘Unfiltered: The CEO and the Coach’ by Dr. Ana...

This book is apt in justifying the title "UNFILTERED", all the aspects that are spoken are from the heart and utterly transpicuous.

Book Review: ‘How to Meet Your Self’ by Nicole LePera

This is the second book in the “How To” series by Dr. Nicole LePera, the leading voice in psychological self-healing, helping millions of people around the world.

Book Review: ‘Just Aspire’ by Ajai Chowdhry

“Just Aspire" is a motivational book that focuses on the importance of having a positive mindset, setting goals, and taking action to achieve them. This book talks about the journey of a small-town boy (Ajai) who turned into a CEO of a global company.