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The Dark Side

The dark side of the moon;mysterious and dreadful!But the new moon is cursed with no bright side!Isn’t it much more?Hours of arrant obscurity, hours...

The Road Less Traveled…

The road less traveled always fascinates me. Tired of the cliche, rat race, the mundane, the seeker in me land in love with moments,...

How to Measure Success?

What is success? Is there a tangible yardstick to measure it? Or is it a state of mind? When can we say that we...

Are we Living?

Have you ever pondered on this question! Are we living life or life is living us? For many people, life is living us.

My Life – An Odyssey

StarkMy lifeThat breathes uponThe green-brown expanse of earthUnderThe silver-blue depth of the skyYet neither here nor there. StarkThe belongingOf family to bond withAnd friends to...

Life: An Odyssey

Life, an Odyssey of seeking love, becoming love It's our heart, that goes for a toss In the end, we laugh at our folly, while EVERYTHING bears the scent of transience