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Book Review: ‘Beyond Three Generations’ by Navas Meeran, MSA Kumar, Firoz...

Ultimately, "Beyond Three Generations" emerges as an indispensable resource for prospective entrepreneurs, seasoned business executives, and students alike.

Book Review: ‘Where’s the Moolah?’ by Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh

"Where's the Moolah? Financial Growth Hacking for Business Profitability" offers an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to elevate their financial trajectories.

Book Review: ‘Wonder Boy’ by Angel Au-Yeung and David Jeans

"Wonder Boy: Tony Hsieh, Zappos, and the Myth of Happiness in Silicon Valley" is a book by Angel Au-Yeung and David Jeans that documents the rise and fall of Tony Hsieh, the longtime CEO of Zappos.com.

Book Review: The Tech Phoenix by T.N. Manoharan & V. Pattabhi...

In The Tech Phoenix by T.N. Manoharan & V. Pattabhi Ram, the readers travel through the times of understanding the exceptional contribution of the government-initiated revival process, narrated by the authors who were part of the process.