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Book Review: ‘Rejoice in Adversity, Triumph in War’ by Rajpal Punia

"Rejoice in Adversity, Triumph in War: A Military Memoir" is a strong and inspiring book that chronicles the life of a unique guy.

Book Review: ‘A Million Dollar Smile’ by Dindayal Gupta

"A Million Dollar Smile" is a riveting narrative of Din Dayal Gupta's incredible life and achievements as the Chairman Emeritus of Dollar Industries Limited.

Book Review: ‘A Life Well Spent’ by Satish Chandra

A Life Well Spent - Four Decades in the Indian Foreign Service is a memoir by Satish Chandra, an ace IFS officer, and ambassador.

The Rising Popularity of Non-Fiction Writing and Why Readers Are Loving...

Non-fiction has become increasingly popular, with memoirs, self-help books, and investigative journalism dominating bestseller lists. These genres provide readers with valuable insights and knowledge, promote empathy and understanding, and can even inspire personal growth and societal change.