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Book Review: ‘The Naga Warriors’ by Akshat Gupta

In summary, the passionately and reverently created "The Naga Warriors: Battle for Gokul" is a riveting fusion of historical drama and mystical mystery.

Book Review: ‘My Beloved Life’ by Amitava Kumar

The novel "My Beloved Life: A Novel" by Amitava Kumar deftly interweaves the narratives of three generations, each of which represents the hardships and victories faced by people attempting to make their way through a rapidly changing India.

Book Review: ‘Bride’ by Ali Hazelwood

"Bride" is Ali Hazelwood's foray into paranormal romance, and while it may not match the heights of her other works, it does provide an engaging and absorbing voyage into a world where love knows no limits.

Book Review: ‘Brahma Hathya’ by T.V. Mahalingam

"Brahma Hathya" exemplifies the power of narrative, taking readers on a thrilling journey through mythical realms and timeless stories.

Book Excerpt: ‘Theivanai: Murugan Trilogy – Part 2’ by Kala Krishnan

Excerpted with permission from Theivanai: Part Two of the Murugan Trilogy, written by Kala Krishnan, Westland.