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Travelling to West Bengal: An Unexpected Experience

People say travelling enhances the mental horizon, fills one with a sense of serenity, and ushers a subtle sense of revitalization. All of these...

Food: A Delectable Form of Expression

Food is an expression, a strong adhesive for binding families, a great excuse for forging bonds, and a symbolic identity of a culture. Food...

Trying to Understand Spirituality

Spirituality is a realization, a state of mind of supreme bliss, and a vehicle to attain everlasting happiness.

Finding Perfection in Imperfection

This is the story of a guy named Roger, who seeks perfection everywhere in his life only to realize later that perfection is in imperfection.

My Unbreakable Bond, My Childhood with my Grandparents

The bells of my childhood still bring happy tunes in my mind, a carefree rhythm, a melody of infinite promises, a soft trail of happiness. My childhood was spent in a happy home on the outskirts of Kolkata in India.

A Happy Memory of Kolkata

It was the summer of 1995-96 when I was in the 2thstandard. My father got posted in Bolpur, Shantiniketan returning to our home in Kolkata only on weekends.