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Book Review: ‘Manoj Bajpayee: The Definitive Biography’ by Piyush Pandey

"Manoj Bajpayee: The Definitive Biography" concludes by providing a combination of interesting tales and lost chances. It does a good job of highlighting Bajpayee's path and perseverance, but it lacks the depth and organization necessary to do his life and career credit.

Book Review: ‘The Foresighted Ambedkar’ by Anurag Bhaskar

Anyone interested in learning about the challenges involved in crafting a constitution for a multicultural nation such as India should read "The Foresighted Ambedkar".

Book Review: ‘The Politician Redux’ by Devesh Verma

"The Politician Redux: Odyssey of Chance" by Verma explores self-identity and political turmoil, focusing on the ascent of a charismatic leader and the struggles of average men.

Book Review: ‘Hamas: From Resistance to Regime’ by Paola Caridi

"Hamas: From Resistance to Regime," sheds light on why the militant outfit remains deeply concerned about the ongoing ground offensive in Gaza.

10 Books to Read About Elections 2024

A curated list of compelling Books to Read about Elections 2024 emerges, meticulously selected by Storizen Magazine, offering profound insights into the myriad facets of Indian democracy and the impending electoral saga.

Book Review: ‘The Nirvana Express’ by Mick Brown

Mick Brown's captivating exploration, "The Nirvana Express," takes readers on a fascinating journey through the West's evolving relationship with Indian spirituality.