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Keep Hopes Alive – A Poem by Aparna Mukherjee

When you are caught In the storm of turmoils And you...

The Invincible Power Lies In Her – Poem by Aparna Mukherjee

From the image of clay, Comes out the incredible portray, Of a radiant face and bright eyes, With a vibrant glorious smile. She is Goddess Durga, She is the...

An Epistle, Poem by Bishaldeep Kakati

  With many vocables, He formed many locutions.   Ah! His fervour, Danced above his peeper,   Like those teeny-weeny bubbles. In the epistle,   Figures were few. But a souvenir ,   For his sister he...

The Park at Midnight, a poem by Sneha Sundaram

Leaves of darkness Leaves of noir Gristly palimpsest With blood stroked lines. The backgrounds a mystery With deep set eyes Bloodshot, Howling wind storms by. An eerie blood trail The ghost of a...

The Power of Her by Himani Agarwal

There she stood, with fear and concern. The betrayal that was evident; From her form so numb. What has she done, what was her fault? Hurting her were...

Silent Love by Himani Agarwal

A thousand words to be heard, a thousand talks to be said, As we move together in our life ahead. Yet your silence covers it all, Leaving...