Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Poetic Tuesday Prompts 10: Memories

Memories can make you happy or sad? What is the best memory you ever had? Or maybe the worst one? What feelings, emotions do these memories bring in you?

Why God Smiles

The first of the drops fell One man upon whom the blessing graced Cried, overcome with passion: That’s my prayer brought down this drop! Then fell a second,...

Surreal Evening

Sometimes He is the tight-lipped cloud Drifting and evaporating Leaving her heart parched Sometimes He is the downpour Making her heart swing Holding the strings of rain... He loves the game of...

Unfelt Weather

As much as she loves the rainShe loves the fire, tooThe crackle of the fireThe warmth blanketing her soul Every time she waits for the...

Rain-kissed love…

You are the raindropsOn the cheeks of blushing monsoon The color of inexplicable joyPetrichor-scented breeze Gently ruffling her hairYou are the window seat In train journeysShe never...

When Fall The Silver Liquid Drops

The sweltering heatWhen gets unbearable to beatDancing and swayingThen comes sheTo bestow her charm and graceOn earth, gets everyone her bless.From heaven fallsThe angel...