Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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My Faith and You

Somewhere in the corner of my eyeDreams never dieLife's full of crests and troughsWith lots of sighs and hiccups But somewhere my faith never dwindledDark...

Speck in the Crowd

Temple drums boom deeplyAnnouncing His arrivalDevotees waiting in the corridorStop their chatting mid-sentenceReady for His DarshanPalms pressed in reverence I, speck in the crowdCamera slung...

A Writer’s Wish

Another story, another verse penned...A million words like the river have flown...And yet all these seem just too less...Like a journey that’s still waiting...

An Odyssey: Between Human Being & Being Human

A spirit tempered to endureNo matter how bumpy the roadHow stinking the urinalsA stubborn geneAn odd stirringA sharp tugging like OdysseusDreaming the dream of...

Shades of Life

Some mornings are better  Some evenings are bitter Sorrows and adventures  Are the essence of life At times, life throws curvy balls at you  Taking life's challenges  Bouncing back in...

My Life – An Odyssey

StarkMy lifeThat breathes uponThe green-brown expanse of earthUnderThe silver-blue depth of the skyYet neither here nor there. StarkThe belongingOf family to bond withAnd friends to...