Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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The Colour of My Father’s Death

The colour of my father’s death is yellow. Old age, blindness, heart-fail, or pain — What was it that took my father away? I do not know;...

I Can’t Write Anymore

Poetry was therapy to me.For all the odds,All the burdens and pain to go away.It has been long,I had not let my feelings out.I...

Anonymous Feather…

A swirling leaf, drifting feather in the windDistract my long gaze at the colorless spaceThe crisp blue sky trying to cheer my soulWhile the...

When Nobody Knows My Name

To roam in an unknown land Amid strangers Under a new Sky No familiarity, no necessity to stop At every fourth or fifth person For cliches, to exchange pleasantries No...

A Bit of Wisdom

My wisdom tooth, the only one of four that came in, Decided to grow a little crooked, partially impacted as it was, But the molar was...

The Endless Run: Life

From morning to night You run endlessly To earn bread and butter In the process of running the race, You forget that your dreams are shattered. Do not let...