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Book Review: ‘Modi’s Northeast Story’ by Tuhin Sinha and Aditya Pittie

"Modi's Northeast Story" by Tuhin Sinha and Aditya Pittie is a monument to the Northeastern people's ongoing perseverance and good attitude, as well as a celebration of their rich cultural history.

Book Review: ‘Anger Management: The Troubled Diplomatic Relationship between India and...

In his book, "Anger Management: The Troubled Diplomatic Relationship among India and Pakistan," High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria offers a clean perspective on bilateral demanding situations.

Book Review: ‘The Puppeteer’ by Ajit Menon and Anil Verma

"The Puppeteer" is an exciting novel set under India's Defensive Offence doctrine, highlighting the complexity of international politics and the delicate balance between national security and global affairs.

Book Review: ‘ULFA: The Mirage of Dawn’ by Rajeev Bhattacharyya

"ULFA: The Mirage of Dawn" is more than just a book; it's a labor of love from a seasoned subject matter expert. Rajeev Bhattacharyya's work is a brilliant contribution to the understanding of ULFA's complex history, offering readers a deep dive into the organization's covert operations and cross-border connections.

Book Review: ‘Being Muslim in Hindu India’ by Ziya Us Salam

In conclusion, "Being Muslim in Hindu India" is not only an informative read but also a call to action for a more inclusive and empathetic society, showcasing Salam's distinctive blend of passion and factual depth.