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Book Review: ‘Ambedkar in London’ by William Gould, Santosh Dass, and...

"Ambedkar in London" is a seminal work that advances our understanding of Ambedkar's formative years and ongoing relevance.

Book Review: ‘Caste Away’ by Na. Vanamamalai and Joshua Gnanselvan

"Caste Away" makes a significant contribution to our understanding of caste in Tamil Nadu. It emphasizes the need to acknowledge the historical intricacies and geographical variances in the emergence of caste.

Book Review: ‘Chambers Book of Indian Election Facts’ by Kingshuk Chatterjee...

“Chambers Book of Indian Election Facts" offers a comprehensive and unbiased reflection on India's democratic process, enriched with anecdotes and essential facts like B.R. Ambedkar’s electoral defeats and the unique Goa referendum.

Book Review: ‘The Foresighted Ambedkar’ by Anurag Bhaskar

Anyone interested in learning about the challenges involved in crafting a constitution for a multicultural nation such as India should read "The Foresighted Ambedkar".

Book Review: ‘The Idea of Democracy’ by Sam Pitroda

Indian Overseas Congress chairman Sam Pitroda explores the urgent issues pertaining to democracy in nations like the US and India in his most recent book, "The Idea of Democracy."

Book Review: ‘Small Cogs in a Large Wheel’ by Naresh Nandan...

"Small Cogs in a Large Wheel: A Civil Servant's Life" explores Naresh Nandan Prasad's life at UNIDO and WIPO, highlighting his global commitment to positive change.