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Book Review: ‘The Deccan Powerplay’ by Amar Devulapalli

Devulapalli's work is not handiest engaging but additionally reachable, making "The Deccan Powerplay" a compelling study for political enthusiasts and informal readers intrigued by the complicated interplay of strength.

Book Review: ‘The Future Is Ours’ by Sudhanshu Kaushik

"The Future Is Ours" is not merely a book but a crucial examination of whether the country's youth is prepared to actively participate in shaping their destiny.

Book Review: ‘Unequal’ by Swati Narayan

In her book "Unequal: Why India Lags Behind Its Neighbours," professor and activist Swati Narayan claims that India is plagued by "systemic and, at times, barbaric inequalities."

Book Review: ‘Fault Lines in the Faith’ by Iqbal S. Hasnain

In the exploration of "Fault Lines in the Faith: How Events of 1979 Shaped the Islamic World," Hasnain scrutinizes the geopolitical dynamics that led to the emergence and expansion of Shia influence, unraveling the intricate web of regional power shifts and sectarian tensions in the 1980s and beyond.

Book Review: ‘The New China Playbook’ by Keyu Jin

"The New China Playbook" concludes with a reflection on the evolving dynamics of China's interactions with the world. Jin stresses the importance of understanding China's journey as part of an ongoing evolution, emphasizing the need to find a balance between growing wealth and maintaining social harmony.

Book Review: ‘Northeast India’ by Samrat Choudhury

The book "Northeast India: A Political History" occasionally becomes repetitive when narrating how each state merged with the Indian state, as a result of the British colonial era.