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Book Review: How to Kill Everyone on the Planet by Rajesh...

Book Title: How to Kill Everyone on the PlanetAuthor: Rajesh TalwarPublisher: Bridging BordersNo.of pages: 173 Book Review The book, How to Kill Everyone on the Planet...

Book Review: The Mantra and Meaning of Success by Rajesh Talwar

Overall, this book - 'The Mantra and Meaning of Success' by author Rajesh Talwar is a book that will provide its readers with the proper way to plan and reach success.

Book Review: Star Crossed Lovers in the Blue

In this book, Star-Crossed Lovers In The Blue: Love in the Time of Corona, author Rajesh Talwar has given his readers a real feast.  This book is not for serious readers but for those readers who love fantasy fiction irrespective of age.

Guilty of Love, Your Honour

Can Luv work his way out of this complicated case with the same ease he displays in the courtroom? Will he betray Jeet and confess his love to Simran? Or will he stand aside, as best friends should? No matter what, Luv remains guilty of love!