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Book Review: ‘Body of Work’ by Mansi Babbar

“Body of Work” is a captivating and provocative novel that challenges the stereotypes and conventions of thriller fiction. It is also a profound meditation on journalism and its role in society.

Book Review: ‘Evoked’ by Mansi Babbar

Evoked is gripping, providing a well-written, thrilling tale that deftly addresses thought-provoking issues. Fans of psychological thrillers will be wholly engrossed in this story.

Book Review: ‘Insomnia’ by Jigs Ashar

"Insomnia", part of the 'Ravi Subramanian Presents' series by HarperCollins India, is a thrilling read for those who enjoy fast-paced stories. The novel begins with a phone call from Rohit Acharya to police officer Meera Dixit, claiming that his wife Tanvi is planning to murder him.

Rich People Often Lead Glamorous Lives, Full of Intrigue: Ravi Subramanian

We had a chance to have a conversation with the author of Don't Tell The Governor, Ravi Subramanian. Below is the full interview coverage. How...