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10 Books to Read in September 2023

Check out our list of 10 Books to Read in September 2023. Which of these books do you plan to read in September 2023?

Book Review: ‘CIU: Criminals in Uniform’ by Sanjay Singh and Rakesh...

CIU: Criminals in Uniform is an exciting and thought-provoking book that deftly mixes aspects of political drama, suspense, and criminality.

CIU: Criminals in Uniform soon be adapted into a web-series

CIU: Criminals in Uniform will be Sanjay Singh’s third book to be preferred for a web series adaptation. Read on to know more...

Breaking News: An Excerpt from the Book CIU by Sanjay Singh...

Breaking News is the opening of the book CIU. Mumbai Police’s CIU (Crime Investigation Unit) trailed in just behind the local unit.