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Exploring Passion, Fantasy, and the Art of Love with Tessa Bailey

In the world of romance literature, few authors have captured the hearts of readers quite like Tessa Bailey. Her latest release, "Unfortunately Yours," is a sizzling tale of enemies turned lovers, a trope that has become one of her signature styles.

10 Books to Read in October 2023

Check out our list of 10 Books to Read in October 2023. Which of these books do you plan to read in October 2023?

Book Excerpt: ‘Cold Blooded Love’ by Girish Dutt Shukla

This excerpt is taken from the book Cold Blooded Love by Girish Dutt Shukla, published under Rupa Publications India.

Tales from the Opium Trade: Amitav Ghosh’s Quest in ‘Smoke and...

In "Smoke and Ashes," Amitav Ghosh forges a tapestry of opium's hidden narratives, weaving an intricate narrative that traverses continents and epochs.

Book Excerpt: ‘If God Was Your Financial Planner’ by Suresh Sadagopan

Excerpt taken from the book If God Was Your Financial Planner with permission from Westland and Suresh Sadagopan.

Book Excerpt: ‘Why Should I Trust You?’ by Sudeep Nagarkar

This excerpt is taken from Why Should I Trust You? by bestselling author Sudeep Nagarkar, published under Westland.