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Book Review: ‘The Girl in the Magical Flute’ by Meena Arora...

"The Girl in the Magical Flute" is not merely a book; it is a perfect companion for those ready to rediscover the enchantment woven within the fabric of folklore and mythology.

Book Review: ‘The Launch Party’ by Lauren Forry

"The Launch Party" delivers a gripping and claustrophobic reading experience with its readers on edge from start to finish.

9 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books to Read in June 2023

This curated collection presents nine remarkable sci-fi and fantasy books spanning different age groups, encompassing middle-grade, young adult, and adult fiction.

Book Review: ‘Meru’ by S. B. Divya

“Meru”, takes readers on an extraordinary journey beyond Earth, where the protagonist, Jayanthi, seeks to prove that humanity is capable of responsibly caring for the eponymous planet.

Book Review: ‘All Those Who Wander’ by Kiran Manral

All Those Who Wander by Kiran Manral takes readers on an enchanting and mind-expanding odyssey through the boundless realms of space and time.

How to Write a Bestselling Sci-Fi Novel? (2023)

Aspiring writers who wish to write a bestselling sci-fi novel should take note of the genre's popularity and the key elements that make a great sci-fi novel.