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Book Review: ‘I Have Autism, And I Like To Play Good...

I Have Autism, and I Like to Play Good Bad Tennis, Debashis Paul provides readers with a poignant glimpse into the lives of parents raising autistic children.

Book Review: ‘Time Wise’ by Amantha Imber

Time Wise is a well-structured and informative book that delivers practical insights into time management.

Book Review: ‘Can The Mind Be Quiet’ by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Can The Mind Be Quiet is an inspiring read that addresses essential topics related to the human experience and the nature of the mind.

Book Review: ‘Unfiltered: The CEO and the Coach’ by Dr. Ana...

This book is apt in justifying the title "UNFILTERED", all the aspects that are spoken are from the heart and utterly transpicuous.

Book Review: ‘How to Meet Your Self’ by Nicole LePera

This is the second book in the “How To” series by Dr. Nicole LePera, the leading voice in psychological self-healing, helping millions of people around the world.

Book Review: ‘The Comfort Book’ by Matt Haig

The feature that resonates with me the most about "The Comfort Book" is its broad-mindedness, encompassing a diverse range of sources for finding comfort.