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Book Review: ‘The Thief’s Funeral’ by Sucharita Sengupta, Chandra Chari, and...

"The Thief's Funeral" is a powerful testament to the boundless ingenuity and imagination of developing literary talents.

Book Review: ‘In Search of the Lambs and Other Stories’ by...

"In Search of the Lambs and Other Stories" is a must-read collection of stories that illuminates the human condition through eloquent prose and thought-provoking narratives.

Book Review: ‘For Now, It Is Night’ by Hari Krishna Kaul

In "For Now, It Is Night," readers are encouraged to enter Kaul's kaleidoscope universe, where stories of desire, perseverance, and redemption weave together in a tapestry of creative beauty.

Book Review: ‘Fantasy, Reality, or Delusion?’ by Jyotsna Pathak

"Fantasy, Reality, or Delusion?" concludes as a powerful illustration of human resiliency and fragility. Readers are drawn into the depths of Pathak's brain by his deft narrative, which leaves them thinking about the complex relationship between illusion and reality.

Book Review: ‘The Girl in the Magical Flute’ by Meena Arora...

"The Girl in the Magical Flute" is not merely a book; it is a perfect companion for those ready to rediscover the enchantment woven within the fabric of folklore and mythology.