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Discover What’s Inside You

There is a lush green forest in a Snow Clouded Mountains. In between the Snow Clouded Mountains was a beautiful river stream, which was...

Diary Entries Of a Defeated Animal

Reading of the diary entries was interrupted by the chiming of Ajmal's mobile phone. WhatsApp notification led him to a video of a corpse being stamped at by a reporter while policemen watched around him.

The Irony in the Child’s Eye

The predisposition of a suckled breast is that it sags. Green veins materialize from fatigued bulbous adipose and announce that you are tired, tired...

The Chamber of Secrets

What could I say about Mia? If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have known what to do for aggravation. If I was a...

Chills On A Chilly Winter Night

Winters in Kolkata are enjoyable for young people, as they can gorge on lip-smacking sweet delicacies which are specially made in the winter season. Bengalis and their love for sweets go hand-in-hand. But, Pramila was a health-conscious woman in her 40s who looks years younger than her actual age.

The Meal

The day is made if we have a meal of our choice! What will happen if you plan your favorite meal or dinner and...