Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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The Panacea for Wintry Gloom

In the evening when we assembled in the living room, I felt a sense of happiness and positivity. Surprisingly, the kids looked more active, and excited than before, and were eagerly waiting to accompany Smita aunty on her lively expeditions.

Micro Fiction Prompt January 2023: Humor

Every month in 2023, we will bring you one of your favorite genres to write a micro-fiction on. This month, we would like you to write about Humor.

Who is the Questioner?

A well-renowned philosophical writer who lived in a small town, and was admired and respected by many. He had a huge respect in his small town. But, no one has ever seen him venturing out from his home. The entire town knows him only through his writings.

Dream or Illusion: A Short Story

There was a seller who sells beautiful watches in the market. His name is Ravi. He was a lovely, honest and happy man. But,...

Reunion – A Short Story

He asks me about the reunion and I simply reply that it was good but a lot has changed he smiles and his dimples appear on his cheeks and I feel like I have once again fallen in love with him.

Discover What’s Inside You

There is a lush green forest in a Snow Clouded Mountains. In between the Snow Clouded Mountains was a beautiful river stream, which was...