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Book Review: ‘The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told’ by Renuka Singh...

"The Greatest Punjabi Stories Ever Told" is a meticulously curated collection of short stories that explores the complexities of human behavior and societal phenomena in Punjab.

Book Review: ‘Unchain My Heart’ by Sharika Esther Sharma

"Unchain My Heart" stands as a beacon, offering readers a fresh perspective on the journeys of Indian women in a modern and ever-changing world.

Book Review: ‘Kite in a Hurricane’ by Sunil Kapoor and Sudhir...

"Kite in a Hurricane" by Sunil Kapoor and Sudhir Kapoor is a captivating book that combines family drama with pursuing a creative vision.

Book Review: ‘Clearly Invisible in Paris’ by Koël Purie Rinchet

"Clearly Invisible in Paris" is a triumphant achievement in storytelling, leaving an enduring impact. Rinchet's words remind us that visibility transcends the physical; it encompasses being perceived and comprehended for our authentic selves.

Book Review: ‘Twisted Tales and Turns’ by Smita Das Jain

In "Twisted Tales and Turns," each story unfolds swiftly, rivetingly, brimming with drama. While some tales conclude with loose ends, others build up to captivating and dramatic climaxes.

Book Review: ‘Didi’ by Nirupama Devi

“Didi,” written by Niripama Devi and translated into English by Alo Shome, follows Surama, a married woman, as she navigates her inner turmoil and dilemmas in a patriarchal society.