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Dream or Illusion: A Short Story

There was a seller who sells beautiful watches in the market. His name is Ravi. He was a lovely, honest and happy man. But,...

Reunion – A Short Story

He asks me about the reunion and I simply reply that it was good but a lot has changed he smiles and his dimples appear on his cheeks and I feel like I have once again fallen in love with him.

Soch – A Perspective | A story of an Indian Family

It was a usual Monday morning for a big fat Indian family. The breakfast table was being set and everyone was seen bustling around the house finishing their daily chores.

What are you looking for? | A Motivational Story

Ravi, a family man works as an analyst for a well-reputed company in a Capital City. He was living with his father, mother, and...

Diary Entries Of a Defeated Animal

Reading of the diary entries was interrupted by the chiming of Ajmal's mobile phone. WhatsApp notification led him to a video of a corpse being stamped at by a reporter while policemen watched around him.

Remembering the Final Break Up Hug

On 16th October, just four days after my b’day, we met for the final time. To be honest, I was really petrified to meet...