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Dream or Illusion: A Short Story

There was a seller who sells beautiful watches in the market. His name is Ravi. He was a lovely, honest and happy man. But,...

Reunion – A Short Story

He asks me about the reunion and I simply reply that it was good but a lot has changed he smiles and his dimples appear on his cheeks and I feel like I have once again fallen in love with him.

Soch – A Perspective | A story of an Indian Family

It was a usual Monday morning for a big fat Indian family. The breakfast table was being set and everyone was seen bustling around the house finishing their daily chores.

What are you looking for? | A Motivational Story

Ravi, a family man works as an analyst for a well-reputed company in a Capital City. He was living with his father, mother, and...

Remembering the Final Break Up Hug

On 16th October, just four days after my b’day, we met for the final time. To be honest, I was really petrified to meet...

Matters of Emma’s Life

Growing up, Emma’s world was confined to her neighborhood, a ten square block area 30 miles northwest of the city center. The neighborhood had...