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Book Review: ‘The Fight Against Alzheimer’s’ by Dr. Shuvendu Sen

In "The Fight Against Alzheimer’s," Dr. Sen presents a compelling argument for increased awareness and proactive measures against this insidious disease.

Book Review: ‘Roar of the Dark’ by Aastha Rathod Naad

"Roar of the Dark" by Aastha Rathod Naad is more than just a story told via words; it is a captivating trip through the harsh realities that women face on a daily basis, wrapped in a sensual and intriguing tale.

Weekly Horoscope: 21st to 27th April 2024

Weekly Horoscope: 21st to 27th April 2024 by Himani Goyal. What do your tarot cards say for this week? Read more to find out!

Book Review: ‘Chase The Change’ by Sandeep Jain

In "Chase the Change," Sandeep Jain, a seasoned strategy consultant and leadership coach, delivers vital lessons gleaned from his broad experience in numerous leadership capacities across many nations.

Book Review: ‘Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice’ by Shiv B....

"Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice" takes readers on an inspirational journey through the career of Shiv B. Singh, a seasoned banker whose climb from junior officer to Chief General Manager exemplifies timeless ideas and proactive leadership.

Book Review: ‘7 Deadly Sinners’ by Debarati Mukhopadhyay

Debarati Mukhopadhyay's recent book, "7 Deadly Sinners: India's Most Feared Murderers," published by Rupa Publications, delves into the murky depths of India's criminal past in an intriguing and terrifying collection.