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Book Excerpt: ‘If God Was Your Financial Planner’ by Suresh Sadagopan

Excerpt taken from the book If God Was Your Financial Planner with permission from Westland and Suresh Sadagopan.

Book Excerpt: ‘Why Should I Trust You?’ by Sudeep Nagarkar

This excerpt is taken from Why Should I Trust You? by bestselling author Sudeep Nagarkar, published under Westland.

Book Excerpt: ‘The Pursuit of Reputation’ by Amith Prabhu & Sujit...

The Pursuit of Reputation is a book by Amith Prabhu & Sujit Patil and published by Westland. Here's the book excerpt.

Book Review: ‘Unlocked’ by Gezim Gashi

"Unlocked: The Power of You" is a motivational and inspirational treasure trove, teeming with invaluable insights and practical guidance for those yearning to fulfill their true potential.

Weekly Horoscope: 24 to 30 September 2023

Weekly Horoscope: 24 to 30 September 2023 by Himani Goyal. Will you get married? Will you get that dream job? Read more to find out!

Book Review: ‘The Curveball’ by Colby Sharma

With lessons resonating across various spheres of life, "The Curveball" speaks to those who aspire to overcome challenges and forge their paths.