Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Reimagining Sufism With Soul Rivals

'Soul Rivals' by Nadem Farooq Paracha is a very new book to me because of many reasons. Though familiar with some information about Muslims, this book has surprised me with so much new information.

Finding Hope in Hopelessness

It would be crazy to say that it is easy to stay positive amidst these difficult times. The year 2020 has...

Book Review: The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney

As a reader, it was not an easy thing to convince me that Abbie is really a robot but is given such an illusion. Abbie, the Cobot is a marvelous character to read about.

Write Your Own Story: Tanaz Bhathena

I woke up, excited. The day I had a virtual meeting with our Cover girl of my own magazine has finally...

Under the Starlit Sky by Sumana Bhattacharya

Remember Girish Karnad’s Cheluvi, a film where the protagonist Cheluvi (Sonali Kulkarni) had the magical ability to turn into a flowering tree - from...

Book Review: Cricket 2.0 by Tim Wigmore Freddie Wilde

Book Title: Cricket 2.0: Inside the T20 RevolutionAuthor: Tim Wigmore  Freddie WildeFormat: KindleBook Title:The title of the book 'Cricket 2.0: Inside...