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Book Excerpt: ‘Indian Punter League’ by Abhishek Bhatt

Extracted with permission from Indian Punter League by Abhishek Bhatt, published by Westland. Do read and check out the book!

Book Review: ‘The Blue Bar’ by Damyanti Biswas

"The Blue Bar" is a culturally immersive thriller that seamlessly weaves Indian culture, festivals, customs, and cuisine into the narrative.

Book Review: ‘Crimes of Passion’ by Gerard de Souza

“Crimes of Passion: When Desire Turns Deadly” is a fascinating and informative book that exposes the dark side of human nature and the consequences of unbridled passion.

7 Amazing Ways of Creating a Great Suspense Story

Suspense is a genre that is gaining a lot of popularity. People love reading suspense. The Goosebumps, racy heart, being curious all the time,...

7 Suspense/Thriller Books That Will Intrigue You

If you would like to get curious, get intrigued, these 7 Suspense/Thriller books that will surely intrigue you. Whether it is an unsolved murder...