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Book Review: Bal Thackeray by Abhas Verma

The book, Bal Thackeray by Abhas Verma mainly explains the life of a person who started by drawing caricatures to speak his mind to arouse strong emotions. It is the story of Bal Thackeray, the mascot of Marathi pride and Hindutva during that reign.

Book Review: Babri’s Debt by Dr. Kamiksha Narda Sharma

Babri's Debt by first-time author Dr. Kamiksha is not an easy book. It is not every author's cup of tea when it comes to writing it. It follows up with a trail of incidents and a tragic love story post the fall of the Babri Masjid and several horrific blasts in Mumbai. This story of three medical college girl students rising and falling in love with life makes the story interesting.

Book Review: Vultures by Dalpat Chauhan

Coming to this book, written by Gujarat's famous Dalit writer – Dalpat Chauhan's Geedh, written in 1991, translated into English by Hemang Ashwinkumar, is an account of an older man, Bhalabha, experience in a toxic casteist, feudal society.

Book Review: Unbounded by Abhayanand

Unbounded, published by Rupa Publications, is the autobiography of Abhayanand, a 1977 batch IPS officer of the Bihar Cadre, a philanthropist who conceptualized Super 30 to mentor poor but talented students of a unique person who is loved and looked upon for his ever glowing personality and stature.

Book Review: Journey of a Nation: 75 Years of Indian Foreign...

The book, Journey of a Nation: 75 Years of Indian Foreign Policy by Madhav Das Nalapat published by Rupa Publications, as India celebrates 75 years of independence, gives the readers a comprehensive study of Indian foreign policy.

Book Review: Journey of a Nation: 75 Years of Indian Economy...

Journey of a Nation: 75 Years of Indian Economy by Sanjaya Baru has 14 chapters, each focusing on key ideas and events that have shaped Indian economic policy and its impact. The facts in the book are relevant to the story of India’s economic resurgence.