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Book Review: ‘Study for Obedience’ by Sarah Bernstein (Shortlisted for The...

"Study for Obedience" is a thought-provoking and complex novel that does not provide easy answers. It invites readers to grapple with intricate human relationships, particularly those shaped by trauma and violence, and forces contemplation on the enduring consequences of historical atrocities.

Book Review: ‘If I Survive You’ by Jonathan Escoffery (Shortlisted for...

"If I Survive You" is a compelling and emotionally charged collection, bridging the gap between short stories and a novel with its seamless narrative.

Book Review: ‘The Bee Sting’ by Paul Murray (Shortlisted for The...

"The Bee Sting" is a testament to Paul Murray's growth as a writer and his ability to craft a narrative that keeps readers engaged and pondering long after the final page is turned. This novel explores family dynamics, love, and the choices that define our relationships. Murray's storytelling prowess creates an absorbing and thought-provoking literary experience.

Book Review: ‘This Other Eden’ by Paul Harding (Shortlisted for The...

"This Other Eden" is not just a novel; it's a testament to the indomitable human spirit, a reminder of history's forgotten, dark chapters, and a compelling exploration of resilience and diversity.

Book Review: ‘Western Lane’ by Chetna Maroo (Shortlisted for The Booker...

"Western Lane" is a standout debut that brilliantly showcases Maroo's writing talent and her profound understanding of the human experience.