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Book Review: ‘A Spell of Good Things’ by Ayòbámi Adébáyò

Set in the 2000s, "A Spell of Good Things" is timely, exploring classism, an ever-relevant subject. This happens in Nigeria's failing political system, where it only takes a series of small, isolated incidents to escalate and alter the trajectory of affairs.

Book Review: ‘In Ascension’ by Martin MacInnes

"In Ascension" is a captivating story that delves into the vastness of time and space, focusing on the intricate connections between all life.

Book Review: ‘Old God’s Time’ by Sebastian Barry

In "Old God's Time," the boundaries between reality and conjecture blur, offering readers a deeply immersive and emotionally charged experience.

Book Review: ‘The House of Doors’ by Tan Twan Eng

"The House of Doors" is a superbly written and psychologically rich novel with a profound impact. Eng's exploration of secrets, storytelling, and the power to shape one's destiny lingers in the reader's mind.