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Book Review: ‘Sultan of Delhi: Ascension’ by Arnab Ray

"Sultan of Delhi" is a tour de force that effortlessly mixes historical fiction with a thrilling story, providing readers with an enthralling peek into the turbulent world of post-independence India.

Book Review: ‘The Zamindar’s Ghost’ by Khayaal Patel

"The Zamindar's Ghost" is a fusion of genres, pulsating with an irresistible air of intrigue. Patel's narrative, though not without flaws, presents an extraordinary tale for enthusiasts of crime fiction, offering a fresh perspective.

Book Excerpt: ‘Indian Punter League’ by Abhishek Bhatt

Extracted with permission from Indian Punter League by Abhishek Bhatt, published by Westland. Do read and check out the book!

Book Review: ‘Maidens of the Cave’ by Lloyd Devereux Richards

"Maidens of the Cave" is a meticulously crafted crime suspense novel that captivates readers with its intricate plot, well-drawn characters, and unwavering tension.

Book Review: ‘Murder in the Family’ by Cara Hunter

"Murder in the Family" is a daring exploration of the true crime genre. Cara Hunter's inventive narrative approach might challenge some readers, but the intricate mystery it weaves is well worth the journey.

Book Review: ‘The Blue Bar’ by Damyanti Biswas

"The Blue Bar" is a culturally immersive thriller that seamlessly weaves Indian culture, festivals, customs, and cuisine into the narrative.