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Book Review: ‘First Lie Wins’ by Ashley Elston

Ashley Elston's writing style shines in "First Lie Wins," which combines crisp and succinct text with genuine dialogue that brings people to life.

Book Review: ‘End of Story’ by A.J. Finn

"End of Story" is a captivating mystery novel that blends atmospheric noir, family secrets, and traditional detective fiction. The narrative's rich texture and exploration of the past's lingering effects make it a captivating read.

Book Review: ‘Death in the Deccan’ by Aditya Sinha

"Death in the Deccan" by Aditya Sinha is a gripping crime book that immerses readers in a complicated inquiry led by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mona Ramteke.

Book Review: ‘Argylle’ by Elly Conway

"Argylle" is a gripping ensemble espionage thriller in which the CIA establishes a team to confront a powerful Russian opponent.

Book Review: ‘All the Sinners Bleed’ by S.A. Cosby

"All the Sinners Bleed" is a must-read for enthusiasts of gritty crime fiction and those interested in stories that address current societal concerns.

Book Review: ‘Zeba: An Accidental Superhero’ by Huma S Qureshi

“Zeba”, as a whole, is a welcome and unexpected addition to the South Asian fantasy genre, fusing magical realism, cultural criticism, and contemporary relevance into an engaging and thought-provoking narrative.