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Book Review: ‘1700 in 70’ by Gita Balakrishnan

Celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) takes on a new dimension with the poignant narrative of Gita Balakrishnan's remarkable journey chronicled in "1700 in 70: A Walk For A Cause."

Book Review: ‘At The Pleasure of His Majesty’ by Chander M....

"At the Pleasure of His Majesty" goes beyond the bounds of a judicial win, delving into personal sacrifices as well as the broader sociopolitical turbulence of the moment.

Book Review: ‘Biju Patnaik: The Rainmaker of Opposition Politics’ by Bhaskar...

Embark on an intriguing voyage through the life of Biju Patnaik, a renowned politician regarded as a symbol of rebirth in opposition politics, in the pages of "Biju Patnaik: The Rainmaker of Opposition Politics."

Book Review: ‘Maker of Modern Goa’ by Vijayadevi Rane

The book "Maker of Modern Goa" by Vijayadevi Rane honors Rane's significant accomplishments while highlighting the governance model's ongoing applicability to the problems that modern-day Goa faces.

Book Review: ‘The Deccan Powerplay’ by Amar Devulapalli

Devulapalli's work is not handiest engaging but additionally reachable, making "The Deccan Powerplay" a compelling study for political enthusiasts and informal readers intrigued by the complicated interplay of strength.

Book Review: ‘Bandi Jeevan’ by Sachindra Nath Sanyal and Sanjeev Sanyal

"Bandi Jeevan" sheds light on the history and ideology of India's revolutionary movement and delves into the personal sacrifices and tribulations endured by its members.