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Speck in the Crowd

Temple drums boom deeplyAnnouncing His arrivalDevotees waiting in the corridorStop their chatting mid-sentenceReady for His DarshanPalms pressed in reverence I, speck in the crowdCamera slung...

My Life – An Odyssey

StarkMy lifeThat breathes uponThe green-brown expanse of earthUnderThe silver-blue depth of the skyYet neither here nor there. StarkThe belongingOf family to bond withAnd friends to...

An Encounter at the Mall

We look at each other Awkwardness written on our faces Unsure if we should be hugging As we usually would have done Each one waiting for the other To...

Her Heterotopia

Into the beauty parlor, she stepped A client in the winter of life Her snowy authenticity  in various stages of embarrassment covered with a stole Ushered in she was...

Why God Smiles

The first of the drops fell One man upon whom the blessing graced Cried, overcome with passion: That’s my prayer brought down this drop! Then fell a second,...

Percolate a Kaapi Song

I stared at the window, at its faintly peeling blue,Old-fashioned perhaps, but with no trace of dirt,I stared through the window, at the graceful...