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10 Books to Read in August 2023

We have curated a list of books to read in August 2023 for you. Which of these would you like to read in August 2023?

The Only Indian Legal Thriller Writer in the World, Vish Dhamija

Vish loves writing Crime Fiction and considers all other genres which he writes as a sub-genre of Crime Fiction. Moreover, he believes that genre comes second to the plot.

Storizen Magazine July 2022 | Vish Dhamija

Monsoons are around and like the water flows, creativity also flows out in the form of thoughts. Thoughts are free and so does creativity...

Storizen Magazine March 2019 | Vish Dhamija

As the festival of Holi Is here, let’s spread love, happiness, and peace around us. Love has many shades and they are different for...