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Book Review: ‘Airplane Mode’ by Shahnaz Habib

"Airplane Mode: A Passive-Aggressive History of Travel" by Shahnaz Habib is a thought-provoking investigation of the intricacies of travel and tourism, as seen through the eyes of a South Indian writer and translator.

Book Review: ‘Red River’ by Somnath Batabyal

Somnath Batabyal's "Red River" is a moving and captivating story of three boys growing up in Assam during the chaotic early militant years.

Book Review: ‘Chronicle of an Hour and a Half’ by Saharu...

"Chronicle of an Hour and a Half" by Kannanari is a disturbing critique of mob mentality and the loss of human autonomy in a mass frenzy. The novel explores the frailty of morality and the ease with which ordinary people may become violent.

Book Review: ‘Brahma Hathya’ by T.V. Mahalingam

"Brahma Hathya" exemplifies the power of narrative, taking readers on a thrilling journey through mythical realms and timeless stories.

Auther Awards 2024 Shortlisted Books to Read

The AutHer Awards 2024 unveiled its Shortlists, spotlighting exceptional female talents across Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children’s Literature, and Debut categories.

Book Review: ‘Where God Began’ by Appadurai Muttulingam and Kavitha Muralidharan

"Where God Began" is a moving tribute to the tenacious human spirit and the worldwide need for a place to call home.