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The Ultimate Face Switch – Hero or Villain?

Building a story plot is can be a daunting task for some writers but excitement for others! While reading the works of one of...

Role of Plot in a Narrative

In literature, the term plot is used to describe the events that make up a story or the main part of a story. These...

7 Amazing Ways of Creating a Great Suspense Story

Suspense is a genre that is gaining a lot of popularity. People love reading suspense. The Goosebumps, racy heart, being curious all the time,...

How Writing Helps Your Brain

Writing has been a very old way of decluttering the mind. Even now, writing is done to help in effective communication. Earlier, people used...

5 Different Types of Writing Styles To Write Better

As a writer, one always tells a story in some way or the other. Everybody writes in their lifespan with their own unique type...

10 Effective Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

We all have it! A writer, whether he's writing or not, encounter writer's block at some point in their writing journey. Not sure what...