7 Quotes by Amish Tripathi

"All the books I have written till now are written with the perspective of plausibility, without any fantasy or magical elements."

"Most modern Indians believe that our ancestors were weak and cowardly.  When the truth is the exact opposite. Our ancestors were among the toughest people among all the ancients."

"Heroes even today – those who fight on the battlefield and on our borders – don’t expect us to be as brave as they are and fight alongside them. But they expect us to at least remember their stories and honor them."

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"I actually am a completely instinctive writer; I discover the story while writing as much as the reader discovers it while reading."

"That (Music) matters a lot more because it gets me into the mood of the stories. So whatever mood that part of the story is supposed to be in, music should match that mood, which then kind of works like a key for me. Of course, the cream biscuits help a lot too!”

"“The core philosophy at the heart of The Shiva Trilogy is an answer to this question – What is evil? The core philosophy at the heart of the Ram Chandra Series is an answer to this question – What is an ideal society? The core philosophy at the heart of Legend of Suheldev is essentially drawing inspiration from our great heroes and the lesson that if we Indians are united, we are undefeatable.”

"I am the happiest when they (people) discuss my philosophies. I am not saying that they have to agree with my philosophies. They could agree or disagree and that’s ok. But as long as they think and ponder on these philosophies, I am happy,”"