9 Horror Books to Read in August 2023

9 Horror Books to Read in August 2023

Join us as we delve into these captivating tales and discover the literary treasures that await you this August 2023.

1. Bride of The Tornado by James Kennedy

Nestled in a secluded Midwestern town, a young woman confronts a recurring mystery – a covert cycle of tornadoes that ravage her community every generation. Her mission: escape before becoming their prey.

2. Night of the Living Queers by Shelly Page and Alex Brown

“Night of the Living Queers” is a uniquely compelling YA horror anthology, uniting queer authors of color to reimagine classic horror elements through diverse perspectives.

3. I Feed Her to the Beast and The Beast is Me by Jamison Shea

Blood shall spill, as the Ace of Spades converges with the House of Hollow in this chilling villain’s origin. Meet Laure Mesny, an unrelenting perfectionist with a burning vendetta, overlooked in Parisian ballet’s cutthroat elite.

4. Vampires of El Norte by Isabel Cañas

On the Texas-Mexico border, an otherworldly showdown unfolds between vampires and vaqueros in this supernatural western by the author of The Hacienda.

5. Mister Magic by Kiersten White

As the Circle of Friends, the surviving cast members, strive to recapture the happiness and protection they once felt, they are drawn back together by fate at a remote desert filming compound, where the secrets of their past converge.

6. Black Vault: A Short Story by Alma Katsu

When CIA officer Craig Norton witnesses an unexplainable object in Mongolia’s sky, he reports it despite doubts.

7. Fever House by Keith Rosson

In a nexus of characters—a small-time criminal, a washed-up rockstar, a secretive government agency, and a malevolent severed hand—a chilling sequence of events unfolds.

8. Bad Moon Rising by Luisa Colón

In the heart of Gravesend, Brooklyn, Elodia, a lonely sixteen-year-old, feels like an outcast at school and yearns for her mysteriously vanished mother, her relationship with her father strained.

9. Peril at Price Manor by Laura Parnum

Join Halle, an aspiring tween horror actress, as she teams up with the twin children of her favorite director, Maximus Price, to confront zombifying octopus-like creatures at Price Manor.

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