9 Must Read Books about Kargil War

9 Must Read Books about Kargil War

As we celebrate the Kargil Vijay Diwas today (July 26, 2023), we share a list of 9 Must Read Books about Kargil War.

1. Kargil: Untold Stories from the War by Rachna Bisht Rawat

The book stands as a tribute to the 527 young heroes who sacrificed their lives for us, and the countless others who were ready to do the same, with gritty narratives of incomparable bravery.

2. Vijyant at Kargil: The Biography of a War Hero by Col. V.N. Thapar and Neha Dwivedi

His legacy lives on through cherished memories and unwavering dedication to his country.

3. Kargil War: From Surprise to Victory by General V. P. Malik

In the frigid February of 1999, disguised as jihadi militants, Pakistani Army personnel infiltrated the rugged heights of Kargil, triggering a limited war between the world’s newest nuclear powers.

4. Despatches From Kargil by Srinjoy Chowdhury

The summer of 1999 saw the Kargil war, a tale of brutality and courage, where icy peaks held by a formidable enemy demanded relentless climbing amidst the overwhelming fire.

5. Trishul, Ladakh and Kargil by Brigadier (retd) Ashok Malhotra

The individual in question served at the 3 Infantry Division’s headquarters during a harrowing war.

6. The Kargil War by Praveen Swami

In the blistering summer of 1999, India repelled Pakistan’s intrusion in Kargil, but peace eluded both sides after the war due to escalating tensions following the Pokhran nuclear tests of May 1998.

7. The Brave by Rachna Bisht Rawat

In this captivating collection, Rachna Bisht Rawat delves into the depths of India’s military history to recount the extraordinary feats that led to the awarding of the country’s highest military honor.

8. Tiger of Drass: Capt. Anuj Nayyar, by Meena Nayyar and Himmat Singh Shekhawat

In May 1999, the Kargil insurgency was underestimated, but it soon became clear that infiltrators had gained an upper hand, capturing high-altitude posts abandoned by Indian soldiers.

9. The Kargil Girl: An Autobiography by Flt Lt Gunjan Saxena (retd) with Kiran Nirvan

In 1994, twenty-year-old Gunjan Saxena joins the selection process for the women’s pilot course.

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