Happy Independence Day 2022: How Patriotic is your Zodiac Sign 

Happy Independence Day 2022. As India celebrates 75th Independence day, let's see how patriotic is your zodiac sign.

You have massive respect for the soldiers who guard the borders, keeping our country safe.


You appreciate the sacrifices made by the people in your country to keep you and your close people safe and secure.


You love your country as much as you love life.


You recognize the sacrifice made by our freedom fighters and also the soldiers in the borders and your compassion for them knows no bounds.


You take patriotism extremely seriously. You will never be able to hear any bad things about your country.


You have read with diligence the contributions of the great people in making our country great. This appreciation for all the hard work makes you a patriot, who loves their country.


You are extremely proud of your heritage – both cultural and historical. This benevolence makes you patriotic in your own harmonious balanced way.


You can relate to the soldiers and given a chance, you would like to serve your nation as well.


When you hear stories of adventure, bravery and compromises, your heart gets filled with pride for your country. This makes you a good sympathizer and a patriot.


You have deep love and a feeling of security attached to your country, making you most patriotic among all the zodiac signs.


You are extremely progressive and therefore, many times you reject old school theories. In this sense, it can be said that you are not very patriotic by nature.


When you read about the fight for independence of our country, you feel a renewed love for all those who sacrificed their lives. This behaviour of yours makes you a patriotic citizen of India.


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