How to Keep your Mental Health Strong

With Sushma M Bhardwaj

Mental health is the most neglected aspect of our whole-body system, even though we are conscious about our health.


Even a light yoga session will counteract a lot of sitting during your work day.

Tip 1


Physical Exercise Outdoors

Play a Sport

Playing your favorite sport will help you keep your mental health strong.

Best Ways of getting Physical Excercise

Sleep More

Are you getting at least 8 hours (or more) of sleep a night? Tracking sleep can definitely help you figure out.

Tip 2

Sleep Control

Track your sleep and monitor your movement.

Auto Ring

Track your sleep and your waking productivity.

Best Mindfulness Apps

Get Your Daily  Dose Of Vitamins

B12 and iron are your best friends for energy.

Tip 3

Kale and Broccoli

These are your #1 powerhouse greens.


Eat them raw or cooked. They’re great for energy.

Best Vitamin-Loaded Food Options

Let’s Recap What We Learned


Sleep More

Get your vitamins